The Lowdown on Anonymous

Anonymous is an amorphous group of hacktivists with no single leader or power structure. Some call them heroes, others call them criminals. Can they be both?

TechCrunch ran an op-ed piece a couple weeks ago (thanks for the link, LOML) prognosticating that the relentless push of social media will soon be accountable for erasure of the line between business reputation and real life reputation. The bottom line, says the article's author, Michael Arrington, is that reputation is dead. In the near future, there will be nothing but reality. And is that such a bad thing? How horrible is reality? The guy who is ever chipper when you see him in the break room weekday mornings has been drunk at a wedding before. You know this because you've seen photos of him in suspenders, cigar dangling inexpertly between clenched teeth and all.

Many of you may have seen or heard about the recent stink Domino's Pizza finds itself in with the online video showing a Domino's employee defiling some sandwiches being prepped for delivery. The video was shot by "Kristy," who rather obviously inserts herself into the film like she's M. Night Shyamalan, only to proclaim that she "likes to be lazy." Hear hear, Kristy - which is why you find yourself filming a friend fart on some salami in your early 30s in a Domino's Pizza in Conover, North Carolina. Here's the premise of her film: A lazy auteur filmmaker shoots co-worker Michael Setzer, also in his early 30s, doing all kinds of fun things like putting cheese up his nose, poking his finger into a hot sandwich and sneezing on the ingredients. It was transcendent, as if a hidden camera had captured a nursery school bus full of chimpanzees set free in a vacant commercial kitchen.