The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Neat articles on racist AI, real-style ghostwriting, The Flintstones and more interesting stuff.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Articles on Big Sugar, internet sleuths, Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Atlanta Child Murders and more stuff.

How Desalination Works

Why would people want to remove salt from water? To solve the world's water problem, that's why. Learn all about the efforts to desalinate H2O in cheaper and more efficient ways.

Why is Venice so wet?

Venice, Italy has a problem. It's sinking, and the water around it is rising. Thankfully, some engineers are working hard on the MOSE project - huge gates that keep high tide from happening. Learn all about Venice in this episode.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Every week, Chuck and Josh read tons of articles. Here are links to the best of the bunch.

5 Emerging Green Technologies to Watch - #1: Water Desalination

Yes, yes. Water desalination is nothing new; GE's had viable systems to remove minerals and salts from brackish water since the 1950s. The tech is still an emerging one, though, since it's mostly been Africa that's needed it and the West has yet to figure out how to make any substantial amount of money off the continent.

When it comes to survival, food and water are pretty much non-negotiable. How long can you go without them? What happens to your body when you cross that threshold? Lend your ear to this HowStuffWorks podcast to find out.

In 1995, World Bank vice president Ismail Serageldin declared that "the wars of the next century will be about water." Check out our HowStuffWorks article to learn what happens once we run out of water.

The United Nations has found that 22% of the world's population does not have access to clean drinking water. Could we fix the water shortage by manufacturing water? Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about manufacturing water.