thomas jefferson

How Wine Fraud Works

Wine fraud may be a case of rich con artists tricking wealthy people into parting with money, but it's still a crime. Learn all about this weird, widespread practice in today's episode.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Oh boy! Josh and Chuck have another list of the best articles they read this week, just for you and your spongy brain.

Everything I Know About Diplomatic Immunity

Ever wondered how diplomatic immunity works? You're about to know.

It's the Science, Dummy: Why Americans Hate the Metric System

We Americans are known for our strong sense of national pride toward our insane stubbornness to adopt the metric system. We haven't always been so intractable toward what has become the international standard for measuring distance, mass, temperature and other things we need to describe to one another from time to time. We came very close to officially adopting the metric system, just after France did in 1800.

Thomas Jefferson is famous for his role in shaping the United States of America -- and for creating his own, revised version of the Bible. Learn more about the Jefferson Bible in this episode.