The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Interesting articles on the moral brain, prepping a corpse in Appalachia and surviving the 1966 UT mass shooting.

Why was Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier?

If there is an American legend who is both real-life and larger-than-life it is Davy Crockett. While he may not have ""kilt him a b'ar"" when he was three, he definitely did personify both the best and the worst of American individualism during the age of Manifest Destiny. Learn all about the man behind the coonskin cap in this episode.

I don't know if anyone out there is following the story of Hank Skinner in Texas, but it's pretty riveting stuff. The deals is that he was convicted of murdering his live-in girlfriend and her two sons in 1993. He contends that he was whacked out on codeine and booze at the time, but in the house. There was some forensic evidence that pointed to Skinner as the killer, but also some questions that were never properly answered.