This Custom of Customs

Customs may be a pain when you're traveling, but it's a necessary instrument the government uses to regulate trade. And it has a very fascinating history. Your passport please?

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Interesting articles on the moral brain, prepping a corpse in Appalachia and surviving the 1966 UT mass shooting.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

Times are still kind of tough, but there are some time-tested and easy ways to get ahead and in this episode Josh and Chuck explore them. Learn about not only how to save, but also how to make your new-found dough grow.

Corporate Tax Policy and the White House Tax Cut Calculator

So I'm working for the White House again. It's a big time season for Obama: He's just announced his candidacy for 2012, he's launched his new energy security policy and now that tax time is upon us he's looking to point out the silver lining to that dull, gray cloud which hangs over the U.S. This is something of an optimistic attempt; the news cycles are brimming with reports of how the giant corporations operating in the U.S. have paid virtually zero percent in taxes on profits made in this country.

Don't Worry About the Government: NGOs Busting Out Tax Calculators All over the Place

Scott Brown and Bill Nelson, a bipartisan pair of Senators introduced a bill at the beginning of this month that would direct the IRS to issue itemized receipts to taxpayers showing them where their taxes are spent and in what amounts. The bill would also create a website where curious/enraged taxpayers could dig into even deeper detail about exactly where twenty-something percent of their money is going.