What is exploding head syndrome?

Exploding head syndrome isn't nearly as weird as it sounds, and there are no brain parts being damaged. But if you suffer from it, you will definitely be freaked out. The good news is, despite its name, it's not dangerous at all.

Some Really Interesting Cases of Mass Hysteria

Around the world and across time, people have fallen victim to one of the strongest contagions of all - the power of suggestion. Here are just a few examples of these bizarre cases.

Road Rage: GRRRR!!!

About half of all people experience rage on a daily basis when they get behind the wheel. What is it about driving that ticks us off so badly?

A new poll was released this week by Reader's Digest (I know) that revealed the major causes of stress for people in 16 different countries. The majority of the folks listed money, which I'm assuming means a lack thereof. I doubt if the stress came from having so much money that you couldn't find a place to store it. Malaysia led the way in money stress, with 58 percent of those surveyed listing it as their number one. China and Singapore tied for second place at 55 percent, and the U.S. of A. was third with 48 percent listing money as their main stressor. Russia, France and Italy were at the bottom for money stress at 15, 18 and 19 percent, respectively.

Can People Really Get Hysterical Strength?

During times of emergency, people have been known to preform feats of great strength. Learn more about going from the dull stare of the dairy cow to the eye of the tiger in seconds flat.