How Soccer Works

Maybe you hail from a soccer crazed country - or from the U.S. Either way, there's lots to discuss about "the beautiful game", from its prehistory, rules and strategy to, of course, the World Cup. Join Josh and Chuck as they wade into football, aka soccer.

Terror Management Theory: Yes, Virginia, you're going to die

It's not difficult to see that we humans have our hang ups. We have a long history of murdering one another when a religious or political difference arises. Key parties are just gross. Your local sports team is inferior to my local sports team. Yet, as distasteful as other cultures and opinions that counter our own may seem, they're just as much evidence that other people need to distract themselves from their inevitable deaths as we do. We all have that in common, at least, and we all tend to delude ourselves equally.

Sometimes a story comes along from the sporting world that makes so much sense you wonder why more people didn't think of it first. Consider the case of Jason Belmonte, the two-handed bowler. This guy has been profiled by the likes of The Wall Street Journal and "Good Morning America" simply because he does what came naturally to him. From a young age, Jason bowled with both hands and because of his early success, he never sought to change his ways. Over the years, Belmonte was criticized by various bowling coaches (yes, they exist) but he stuck with the odd technique. He bowled his first perfect game by the age of 16 and has been a professional bowler for six years now. Although he's not a member of the PBA tour yet, he did get exemptions from the league to participate in two tournaments this season, something that has chaffed one-handed purists.