How Soccer Works

Maybe you hail from a soccer crazed country - or from the U.S. Either way, there's lots to discuss about "the beautiful game", from its prehistory, rules and strategy to, of course, the World Cup. Join Josh and Chuck as they wade into football, aka soccer.

This one is a little odd. Seems the owner of the English Premier League club Fulham FC has erected a statue of late pop singer Michael Jackson outside the stadium. That's Michael Jackson, and that's an English soccer team. If you're waiting for the link between the two then you can keep waiting. There really isn't one. The chairman of the club, Mohammed Al Fayed, is just a big fan of Jacko.

There's a peace conference taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa this week with a notable no-show -- the Dalai Lama. reports that South Africa has denied a visa for the Dalai to pay a visit to the country. The conference is supposed to showcase South Africa's place in the world as a champion of human rights as they prepare to host the 2011 World Cup, but this move probably won't reinforce that notion. The South African government claims that the Dalai's presence will put the focus of the conference squarely on China and the human rights violations taking place in Tibet. It should be mentioned that South Africa does a fair amount of trading with China, so you can draw your own conclusions there. All of the invited Nobel Peace Prize laureates have now dropped out of the conference in protest, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu.