Dr. Bronner and His Magic Soaps: The Man, the Mental

I've written about Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps before. Arguably my favorite soap, it once made a cameo appearance in an HSW article I wrote about outlawing antibacterial soap. So I was enthused, unsurprisingly, to learn from a post on Alternet that the Dr. Bronner who founded the brand was a bit mad. He received electroconvulsive therapy, at least and, from what I understand of the fashion of the time, would have likely received a lobotomy had he escaped and went westward on $20 stolen from his sister's purse.

Nazi Soap Made from Holocaust Victims Gets You the Opposite of Clean

I spent five weeks of my 20s driving around the U.S., living in a van. It was cool. One of the many things that I learned from that trip -- including that there are a surprising number of gas stations have showers you can rent for about $2 per -- is the versatility of Dr. Bronner's All-One Magic Soap. As long as you, as the Dr. suggests, dilute, dilute, dilute, you can use it for brushing your teeth, washing your clothes, your hair and anything else that needs cleanin'. I've come to love Fresh Lemon Sugar soap, though all these years later, I remain a devotee of Dr. Bronner's soaps. I was recently heartened to learn that the company, which is still run by Dr. Bronner's kids, buys olive oil from Palestinian and Israeli farmers and mixes them together in equal measure in their soaps. It's like peace, available in a bar or liquid.