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Wonderful articles on the Ermahgerd Girl and lots more stuff.

Polyamory: When two just won't do

In this episode of Stuff You Should Know, Josh and Chuck dive into the world of polyamory. Turns out polyamorists aren't weirdos and deviants, they're just regular folks looking for love from more than one person. Learn all you ever needed to know about this unique, but not so modern arrangement.

Animal Kingdom!: The Nursery Web Spider

I think there's probably nothing more disturbing than a giant spider, one where you can see all of its mouth parts and eyes and hairs. Extremely close up photography provides some of the unsettlement, but at least you can't hear the terrible sounds they make. Their ability to terrify me (only in gigantism) notwithstanding, spiders are also extremely interesting creatures (arachnids, to be technical).

Florida Did Not Accidentally Outlaw Sex; or, How Slow Weekend News Cycles Work

(Please excuse the subject matter; this post is on media criticism, not really on illegal and corrupt sex acts.) Infrequent, it is when the topic of zoophilia makes the news cycle. Which is what makes the news cycle during the second weekend in May 2011 remarkable. Zoophilia, the clinical term for the more vulgar term bestiality (vulgar being a less common term for common), was all over the place in the last news cycle.

Is sex a privilege that can be revoked?

It's the shadow courts that can really make you debate the value of a large and encompassing government. An elected body that is invested with the power to make decisions about the welfare of its people treads an inherent slippery slope. Take the measure of extraordinary rendition that the U.S. employed frequently last decade, where foreign nationals were kidnapped and taken to secret prisons in other countries to be tortured. On the one hand is the well-worn but still legitimate argument that the rights of an individual posing an immediate threat to a large number of people can be reasonably suspended. It's trading another person's liberty for the security of many.

How Redheads Work

Redheads are supposedly fiery, passionate people, but is there any truth to these stereotypes? Find out what studies have to say about redheads -- and if they'll really go extinct soon -- in this HowStuffWorks podcast.