Nirvana: Not The Band

Hinduism and Buddhism are closely related in a number of ways, including their vision of what comes after we exit this mortal coil. Learn about the religions' interesting interpretation of the state of existence outside space-time.

Podcast Goodness: Reincarnated as James Bond

Hey there, keepers of the light. Hope everyone out there in the real world is living the dream. This week here at SYSK HQ, things have been pretty exciting. Some stuff we can't talk about here, but we can talk about Mr. Josh Clark's birthday! That's right, old Joshers turned 34 this week. If I remember correctly 34 was a pretty good one for me. They all kind of run together after 30, to be honest. Anyway...

A large percentage of the world's population believes that you will be reborn after you die. So why does the concept of reincarnation seem so paranormal to Westerners? Join Chuck and Josh as they explore the ins and outs of birth, death and birth again.