What's the misery index?

Economists love their data because somewhere in the numbers lies the answer to the ills of the country. They also love to frame data in a way people can relate to. Such is the case with the famous "misery index."

Here's something that maybe not many of you might know -- there have been two presidents of the United States that have seen a UFO. True! It turns out that both Reagan and Carter claimed to have seen UFOs before they were in the Oval Office.

Every so often a Republican lawmaker makes a push to get President Ronald Reagan on some kind of U.S. currency. A hero to conservatives, Reagan has been tossed out there to take the place of Hamilton, Jackson and Roosevelt on the $10 and $20 bills and the dime, respectively. None of those efforts made the cut. In fact, the dime proposal was quashed largely because Nancy Reagan publicly opposed of the measure. Things are heating up again with a push led by Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina. This time they have the $50 bill in their sights, and with it the legendary Union Army General and 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant.