public relations

Live in Chicago: How Public Relations Works

After a year of taking it on the road, Josh and Chuck are releasing their show on public relations. Learn all about the ways you're manipulated on a daily basis and the man who invented it in this fascinating live episode.

How Publicists Work

Some people call them flacks. Other people call them liars. But if you're in the public eye and suddenly have an image problem, you'll call them your best friend.

The New Reason Why Your Mother Doesn't Want You Wasting Food

Probably nothing characterizes excessive consumption at the American dinner table more than the strange and frequent phenomenon of how being uncomfortably full of food can dampen the sound of a mother's voice articulating the idea that kids in China would love to have the second helping of dinner on your plate that will soon meet its end in the trash. Having been raised in the post-Depression consumer era in the United States, I can attest that the portion sizes here in the States tend to be insanely large. Rich and poor alike in the U.S. overindulge at just about every meal; it's the type and quality of the food, not the quantity, that differs.