presidential pardons

Greetings and salutations, people. Who's ready for a little podcast recap? Tuesday's show was about ticks. Yes, ticks. Sometimes the oddest subjects turn out to get the biggest responses and this one falls into that category for sure. We've received tons of fan mail about these crunchy little bloodsuckers. Who knew that ticks were so popular? We learned a lot about ticks, but my favorite bit was about questing.

A presidential pardon is a unique, unchallengable power granted to the president of the United States by the Constitution. In this episode, Josh and Chuck discuss the origins, history and controversial use of the presidential pardon.

LSD, Jell-O, Mouse Pain and Obama's Pardonless Presidency: More Interesting Stuff I've Learned Recently

Here's more interesting stuff I've picked up in the last fortnight or so: 1) A group of Dutch and Canadian researchers have developed the cutest, most heartbreaking pain scale issued by science thus far. In a paper in the journal Nature Methods, the researchers describe a mouse pain scale they devised the hard way, by subjecting mice to painful stimuli and videotaping the mice's reaction to the pain. As the researchers predicted, mice, like humans, have facial expressions that are generally uniform that the researchers used to code and grade the pain the mice endured. So cheek bulge falls into severe pain, while eye squeeze falls into moderate, adorable pain. Guh. The researchers devised the scale to help guide other researchers as they continue to subject mice to Mengele-esque experimentation.