Podcast Goodness: Exploding Lakes and Hairy Humans

What a headline! This week on Stuff You Should Know, Dr. Clark and I had some fun with two pretty fascinating topics. Tuesday's show covered some possible reasons why humans have body hair. Turns out there are lots of potential explanations - my favorite had to do with our migration from the forests to the open savanna.

Before we get going on "Podcast Goodness" today, let me be the first to announce an exciting new SYSK opportunity. Dr. Clark and I will be going live with a weekly webcast every Wednesday. We'll do two shows each week, one at 10 a.m. (est) and then in all likelihood, a much better 4 p.m. (est) show for our West coast friends. It's not just gonnabe a video version of our podcast either, we have big plans to introduce some brand new segments - including some interviews, a news segment and a live listener questions that we'll run through this blog. We'll be using ustream.com as our host and it all kicks of next Wednesday, April 29th. We'll post more details next week and we'd love it if you guys could tune in and support us!

On this weeks edition of "Podcast Goodness" we'll reflect back on the week of April 13th. Tuesday's episode of Stuff You Should Know was all about money laundering - how it's done, why it's done, who is doing and who is trying to stop it from being done. We learned that it's really not the most complicated thing in the world. It's essentially a system that makes it harder to track large amounts of money you want to hide for one reason or another. There are a number of methods, including Josh's favorite, the "Colombian Peso Exchange." In the end, they all accomplish the same goal, to clean your money.

This week on Stuff You Should Know, Dr. Clark and I hit on some interesting information about growing old despite some unhealthy habits and a very relevant show on Ponzi schemes, aka (insert Italian accent) it'sa Ponzi scheme! On Tuesday's show, we discussed centenarians and how some of them are able to achieve the 100 year mark while partaking in things like alcohol and cigarettes for decades on end. It inspired Josh to keep up his unhealthy habits, so there's that. We also talked about Old Tom Parr - who supposedly lived to be 152 years old in the 1600s. We've gotten some listener mail that indicated some have doubted his age and claim that it was a mix up with his grandfather's birth certificate. So that may actually be true, but even so he'd still have lived a long time for the time period and fathered children as an old man.

This week on Stuff You Should Know Josh and me rounded out our "death suite" with shows on the world ending in 2012 and some truly bizarre ways to die. Talk about an uplifting experience! The good news is that neither one of us, based on our research, believe that the world will end in 2012. The concept of this whole thing is based on the Mayan calendar, but it's really just a bunch of hullabaloo to sell books if you ask us. Not only does the Mayan calendar not call for the world to end in 2012, but the event they are referring to is actually one to be celebrated. So much for that - good podcast though. Josh was on fire and we RETIRED HAIKU THEATER.

Josh and I are always much tougher on ourselves than anyone else could be in regards to the show, but this week we were both pretty pleased with our podcasting efforts. Tuesday's "Microexpressions" and yesterday's "Can Anger be a Good Thing?" were both chock full of Stuff You Should Know goodness, if you ask me. My favorite shows are typically loaded with interesting facts and studies and plenty of personal anecdotes. We don't tell each other these stories beforehand and the usually occur on the fly, so when Josh spins a great yarn it's new to me as well as you all. Having said that -- microexpressions. These are very small, but significant gestures someone makes in conversation. They can either give you away as a liar or reinforce that you're telling the truth, as well as saying a host of things about your mood and temperament. Really fascinating stuff.

This week on Stuff You Should Know Josh and I talked about two pretty interesting topics. On Tuesday, we dived into the oceans (see what I did there) to determine who owns them. As it turns out we all own the ocean, in a way. The United Nations passed the Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1994, which leaves the oceans open for all to enjoy. It also established new rules for how far out a country's boundaries extend into the ocean. It made me feel better knowing that the highs seas are still open for business, but I worry about what might happen to those rights in the future as land oil runs out and we become more dependent on pulling petrol from the seas. Yesterday's show was all about aphrodisiacs. We discussed the strange history of aphrodisiacs, including such oddities as Montezuma downing 40 goblets of

This week on Stuff You Should Know, Josh and I had the pleasure of talking about a couple of real oddities. Alien Hand Syndrome is a very rare disorder in which a person's hand takes on a life of its own, without the knowledge of the owner. The offending hand performs purposeful actions like tearing paper or unbuttoning a shirt. It's so rare that there are more fictional cases in movies and on TV as there are real cases. Think "Evil Dead" and "Dr. Strangelove." It's very interesting stuff that science can't fully explain and we had a lot of fun with it. Tuesday's show was about the so-called "thinking cap." This is a device that attaches to your head and sends magnetic pulses directly to the brain and has resulted in some fascinating findings.