Podcast Goodness: Reincarnated as James Bond

Hey there, keepers of the light. Hope everyone out there in the real world is living the dream. This week here at SYSK HQ, things have been pretty exciting. Some stuff we can't talk about here, but we can talk about Mr. Josh Clark's birthday! That's right, old Joshers turned 34 this week. If I remember correctly 34 was a pretty good one for me. They all kind of run together after 30, to be honest. Anyway...

Hello there, SYSK Army members. Here we are on Friday in the increasingly warm Atlanta. Josh and I are busy prepping for our NYC adventure, and looking forward to meeting up with some of you crazy cats while we're there. If you're not in NY, we're hoping to do a little more traveling and hosting events in various places around the globe. Having said that, how about a little recap?

Hello there, folks. Hope everyone had a good enough week in your neck of the galaxy. This week was a little different because Joshers is in Japan. That means no recording and a little extra time on my hands, which I've spent playing around with you kooks on Facebook. Who knew how much fun it would be swapping stories and such?

Good gravy, fine folks of the SYSK Army. It's been another crazy week here at HQ. That makes two in a row. I don't know if my old bones can take much more of this. My air conditioning is broken right as it started to get hot and muggy - that's kind of how that works though, right? And now I have to duke it out with the HVAC company because of the bill I don't think I should pay. They're holding me hostage and preying on my sweating problem! Here's some advice from your Uncle Chuck -- forget what everyone says about owning a home as a good investment. Find a decent landlord and rent for life. Moving on...

Podcast Goodness: Tourette's and Castles

Boy oh boy, what a week it's been. Hello, friends - I hope things are swimming along nicely in your neck of the nape. Dr. Clark and myself have had a kooky week and I can safely say that we're both glad it's over. Well, almost over. We can't end the week without a little podcast goodness recap. So here goes.

Podcast Goodness: Desertification and Zoos

Hi there, friends. Chuck here with the weekly podcast wrap-up. Since I typically start off with a little bit of what kind of things are going on in Atlanta meteor-logically speaking, let me just say that we've been awash in a sea of pollen. Anyone from the South can identify, I'm not sure what it's like elsewhere.

Sorry I'm a little late here on the podcast roundup, folks. Yesterday was a rough one and I was lucky to make it out of the office in one piece. How's everyone out there doing this week/weekend? Things are looking up here in Atlanta and after a lovely morning walk with the wife and dogs, here we are with another edition of podcast goodness.

Hello there, and a big old salute to the SYSK Army from Lance Corporal Chuckers. No, I surprisingly haven't risen in the ranks here in my own Army - how sad. Field General Clark has a firm grip on promotions around here and along with Major Jeri, they have the upper ranks sewn up. Enough of that goofy stuff, let's get down to business here. This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program General Clark and myself tackled a couple of odd jobs that can both be looked at as an art form.

SYSK Weekly Round-Up: Kiva, Lotteries and we Hit 200 with Vikings!

Hi all. I'm filling in for Chuckleberry this week, as he's off with his wife Emilie on a highbrow tour of the wineries of Napa and Sonoma for his 800th birthday. So you're stuck with me. Poor saps. But! I can't think of a better time to write the round-up as it's been a pretty big week for us here at SYSK. First, Chuck and I want to give our sincerest thanks, gratitude and a big congratulations to the 1700 members of the SYSK Kiva team. On March 17, we hit $100,000 loaned to entrepreneurs in developing countries and here in the States.