Our cats episode - right here, right meow

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States, despite the fact that we've only been keeping them indoors for 50-60 years. Learn about more cat facts in today's episode.

How The Iditarod Works

Each year hundreds of dogs haul humans in sleds as part of the 1,100 plus mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It's grueling and not without controversy but one thing is for sure, these are some amazing dogs.

Killer Whale Lives Up To Its Name

It's always an adventure clicking on or whatever your go-to online news source happens to be. Each morning I awake ready to see a list of the top ten or so things that are pretty awful here on planet E. Famine and flood, earthquakes, murder/suicides, the passing of Daddy the pit bull -- it's never a joy ride when international news is there for the digesting. This afternoon I clicked on said Web site to read a headline that indicated a killer whale had killed a Sea World trainer in Orlando, Fla.