How Fleas Work

Fleas are the bane of the existence of pet owners. From their eggs to their lifespan to their feeding habits, fleas are practically designed to be a nuisance. They are parasites, after all. Get down on flea level with Josh and Chuck in this episode.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Each week, Josh and Chuck read a ton of great articles. Here are the best of the bunch.

Chuck and I have talked extensively about what happens to a body after it loses that 21 grams, mainly because I'm twisted and Chuck coddles me. In the rigor mortis podcast, we mentioned the bottlefly, which forensic investigators use to make ballpark estimates of time of death and the like. These investigators take samples of the maggots and larvae, measure them and so on to figure out how long they've been ingesting the dead flesh of a corpse. Cool enough, but what if a fly laid eggs and they hatched and began feasting on flesh of a person who was still walking around and could be really upset by this? My friends, it can happen! Lemme tell you about the botfly.