How Desalination Works

Why would people want to remove salt from water? To solve the world's water problem, that's why. Learn all about the efforts to desalinate H2O in cheaper and more efficient ways.

I like posting these kinds of stories because folks usually get worked up in one direction or another on any kind of UFO talk. This one is pretty neat too, because it hints at one of my all time favorite movies, The Abyss. In that movie, writer/director James Cameron explores the notion that extra-terrestrials are actually found under the sea and not in outer space. Cool stuff.

Killer Whale Lives Up To Its Name

It's always an adventure clicking on CNN.com or whatever your go-to online news source happens to be. Each morning I awake ready to see a list of the top ten or so things that are pretty awful here on planet E. Famine and flood, earthquakes, murder/suicides, the passing of Daddy the pit bull -- it's never a joy ride when international news is there for the digesting. This afternoon I clicked on said Web site to read a headline that indicated a killer whale had killed a Sea World trainer in Orlando, Fla.

Carbon capture and storage is a way to filter excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it. Tune in as Josh and Chuck discuss current methods of carbon capture and storage -- and how feasible they are -- in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.