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Cake Walk: The strange origin of an unwittingly prejudiced term

Surely you've heard the term cake walk, used to describe some sort of challenge or task that is reckoned to be pitifully easy. Surely you have, please, please don't lie. That figurative definition has been around since the early 19th century, as long as the literal one; in fact it appeared in print first. But did you know that the term is actually pretty racist? I'll bet you didn't. Nor did I until I looked into the origin of the term and found it has roots in the Antebellum South of the early 19th century.

The Cost of Death Now Conclusively Established -- And it's a Lot Less than You'd Think

Holy cow! I read a story in the Post-Chronicle about a hapless family from Tennessee who got a bit of a nasty surprise after the aged paternal matriarch died at her nursing home in March. The family received a check for their security deposit for grandmother's room, but it was a bit short.