History's Greatest Traitors

The annals of history hold a special place for people who have carried out treachery and betrayed their own. Thousands of years later, their names are still synonymous with being a scoundrel around the world. From Marcus Brutus to Vidkun Quisling and more, Josh and Chuck examine some of the bigger turncoats to live -- and exonerate others.

It was the Quakers who came up with the concept of solitary confinement. As Brooke Shelby Biggs, the author of a fine Mother Jones article on the subject tells it, when the Quakers built their Walnut Street jail in Philadelphia in 1791, it was revolutionary, the first prison designed to not only house inmates as they awaited execution, but possibly to rehabilitate them as well so that they could return to society once more.

The Fraudulent Chicanery of the Professional Wildlife Photographer

A Norwegian wildlife photographer living and working in Sweden has had a rough few weeks, though deservedly. The photog, Terje Hellese, was cold busted using Photoshop to doctor his photos. Apparently, he would shoot an exotic locale to use as a backdrop and cut and pasted images of lynxes he grabbed from stock photo websites. Were Hellese just some photographer, this would be a big deal, tantamount to a writer from the Toledo Blade blatantly plagiarizing another reporter's work. But Hellese is not just some photographer.