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The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Great articles on bank robbery, horror-scifi-spec fiction, space mysticism and lots more stuff.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Each week, Josh and Chuck read tons of great articles, some of them really good. Here are the best of the bunch for your enjoyment.

What happened to the lost colony at Roanoke?

Before Jamestown became the first successful English colony in the New World, an entire group of settlers vanished. For the last 430 years, Roanoke has been an American mystery. Learn the theories of what became of the lost colonists in this episode.

Scientists Form Pasty-skinned Human Chain Around Unaffiliated Native American Remains

Did you know there's still a Bureau of Indian Affairs in the United States and that it's active and it's still called the Bureau of Indian Affairs? It's true. The BIA is currently led by a member of the Pawnee tribe named Larry Echo Hawk, who serves as the Assistant Secretary, reporting directly to Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. Mr. Echo Hawk is the former Attorney General of Idaho, a former Brigham Young law professor, Marine and a respectable safety who led his BYU team in interceptions during the 1968 season. All of this may be helpful information. If you've always wanted a full or partially-complete human skeleton of unknown origin, then you should contact Mr. Echo Hawk and let him know you're a BYU fan.