The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Great articles on mummies, skeletons, British movies and a kissing bandit.

Mermaids: Not a real thing

Mermaids aren't real. That much we know. But the history and lore of these magical and sometimes menacing creatures of the sea is pretty interesting stuff. Learn all about these half women/half fish today.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Great articles on a 70s carsploitation film, why we don't have jetpacks, a work of short horror fiction and more stuff.

How Motion Sickness Works

Motion sickness is the worst and hits about 25 to 40 percent of humans when they ride in cars, boats, or simply watch the wrong 3-D movie. Join us as we break down the science behind this nausea-inducing affliction.

The Stuff You Should Know 2015 Jolly Christmas Extravaganza

It's the most wonderful time of year again! Join Chuck and Josh as they explore Christmas traditions around the world, tidbits about Elf, holiday foods and lots more joyous stuff in this glad tidings-packed episode.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Great articles on Comanche warriors, It's A Wonderful Life, Jamaican dancehall and more right here

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Incredible articles on The Price Is Right, forensic science as junk science and lots, lots more.

How Rodney Dangerfield Worked, Live From LA

Other comedians cry on the inside, but Rodney Dangerfield built his entire act around his sad life. Get to know this legendary comic who was nearing 50 when he got his break.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Neat articles on how humans spread across the planet and lots more stuff.

What was the Philadelphia Experiment?

The Philadelphia Experiment is a bad movie from the 1980s, and also the conspiracy theory that refuses to die, despite virtually zero evidence of its occurrence. Learn all about this strange non-event in today's show.