Michael Jackson

How the Moonwalk Works

When Michael Jackson debuted the moonwalk in 1983 the world was enrapt. The dance goes back farther, to the 1930s, and pops up again in the 50s, before reappearing via mimes and West Coast poppers in the 70s. Follow the circuitous route of an iconic move.

Michael Jackson, Perpetual Energy and the Saving of the Earth

There is no big shortage of guys in search of cheap, abundant, free energy. We are, after all, going to eventually run out of fossil fuels -- if we haven't already -- and we will require something to keep the global economy humming, lest it shut down. One of my favorites is a man in Florida who figured out a way to make common saltwater burn. Anything that can be made combustible is inherently potentially useful for energy, since at the very least heat can be used to create steam which can be used to turn a turbine, which can generate electricity. And what's more abundant on the surface of Earth then salt water?

This one is a little odd. Seems the owner of the English Premier League club Fulham FC has erected a statue of late pop singer Michael Jackson outside the stadium. That's Michael Jackson, and that's an English soccer team. If you're waiting for the link between the two then you can keep waiting. There really isn't one. The chairman of the club, Mohammed Al Fayed, is just a big fan of Jacko.

The death of Elizabeth Taylor got me to thinking that it's probably a good thing that Michael Jackson didn't live to see her die. Based on past interviews, I'm not sure that he would have handled it very well. At the least he would have sought more than usual comfort in propranolol, Michael's "milk" that got him so staggeringly annihilated every day. Anytime I think of the painkiller propranolol these days I'm reminded of a paper on its use as a treatment in post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Death of Michael Jackson and the Peter Pan Syndrome

I just can't do it. I can't not write about the death of Michael Jackson. It's too big of a deal. I don't even like the guy's music anymore, at least not the stuff he released from the late '80s on. I did worship him for several years, during the Thriller stage.