Sir Isaac Newton: Greatest Scientist of All Time?

There have been a lot of great scientist throughout history, but Sir Isaac Newton might just take the cake. But while he was a certified genius, he was also a little screwy. Dive into the life of this fascinating chap in today's episode.

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How Feng Shui Works

Feng Shui is an Asian concept that strives to unlock your chi by how your home or office is arranged. Or at least that's the simplified "Western" version. It's a little more complicated than that in reality. We'll unlock your chi by explaining how feng shui works in today's episode.

Alistair Clarke, an evolutionary theorist has a new book coming out wherein he's managed to reduce the amount of pleasure we derive from humor into a pretty simple equation. According to the release on Science Daily, humor (h) is equal to the amount of misinformation present in a joke or bit (m), times the "extent to which the individual [the joke receiver] is susceptible to taking it seriously (s)."

Let me just begin this post by saying that I detest math. I'm not good at it and lucky for me, I don't need to be. Having said that, this story from Sweden puts a smile on my face. A 16 year-old Iraqi immigrant living in Sweden named Mohamed Altoumaimi has solved out a math problem that has vexed the best mathematics minds for 300 years. It took him about four months. What he did was come up with a formula that explains and simplifies the "Bernoulli numbers."