Good gravy, fine folks of the SYSK Army. It's been another crazy week here at HQ. That makes two in a row. I don't know if my old bones can take much more of this. My air conditioning is broken right as it started to get hot and muggy - that's kind of how that works though, right? And now I have to duke it out with the HVAC company because of the bill I don't think I should pay. They're holding me hostage and preying on my sweating problem! Here's some advice from your Uncle Chuck -- forget what everyone says about owning a home as a good investment. Find a decent landlord and rent for life. Moving on...

How LEGOs Work

Most people are familiar with the plastic, interconnecting bricks called LEGO bricks, but what's their story? In this episode, Josh and Chuck discuss the history, popularity and trajectory of LEGOS -- and throw out some serious stats along the way.