How Brickfilm Works

What began as a pair of teens who made a film for their grandparents has exploded into its own art form. Learn all about how stop-motion Lego films are made.

The Most Fantastic LEGO Creations, Great and Small

People have done some smart and amazing things with LEGO Bricks over the years, and here are just a few of them. This slideshow goes great with out How LEGOs Work episode (We should mention, we're not affiliated with LEGO, we're just fans.)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Santa was Taking a Nice, Hot Shower

The Consumerist, Consumer Reports' ultra right-wing enforcement and social media faction, is running a post sent in from an eagle-eyed Consumerist reader. The reader, Trevor, noticed that in the product view of LEGO City Advent Calendar, Santa Claus appears nude. In addition to the kid playing his little angular drum set, the angular snowman, the angular fireplace and the angular Christmas tree and another, clothed Santa, there is also an inexplicable nude Santa Claus mini-figure.