Mirror Neurons: Are there people who feel others' pain?

People with a condition known as mirror-touch synesthesia literally feel the pain of others -- but why? Josh and Chuck trace the cause of this condition to one culprit: the mirror neuron. Tune in to learn more about mirror neurons and neuroscience.

In this episode, Josh and Chuck discuss the most famous fortified structure in the world -- the castle. Tune in to learn all about castles, from murder holes to modern fortresses.

How McDonald's Works

McDonald's is arguably the most famous fast food restaurant on the planet. Join Josh and Chuck as they discuss the humble beginnings, menu items, practices and controversies of the fast food giant in this episode.

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How Alien Hand Syndrome Works

When a person has alien hand syndrome, his or her hand can move involuntarily, and seemingly of its own volition. Tune in and learn more about this misunderstood syndrome in this podcast from