josh and chuck

How Orchids Work

Ever since Victorian orchid hunters ravaged the tropics in search of unique specimens to sell for ludicrous amounts of money, the West has been gripped by orchidelirium. Small wonder since orchids are not only beautiful, they’re among the most interesting plants on Earth.

How the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Works, Part I

Long before slide rulers and pocket protectors, civilizations across the world used their noggins to build some impressive structures. Almost all have crumbled to ruins over the millennium, but thanks to the earliest tourists, we admire them still today.

How TED Talks Work: Featuring Roman Mars

TED Talks have been around longer than you think. They became really popular once YouTube came along to bring their often inspirational messages to the world, 18 minutes at a time. In this episode, we interview an actual TED talker, the host of the 99% Invisible podcast, Roman Mars.

SYSK LIVE! World Tour of Canada

Josh and Chuck Go To Los Angeles!

Josh and Chuck recently ventured West to take part in the Los Angeles Podcast Festival and to host a SYSK Variety Show. They also went to a table reading of The Simpsons! Special thanks to Todd Kausen for the Variety Show pics...

SYSK New York Trip

Join in for a photo tour of Josh and Chuck's recent trip to New York for their first-ever talk show appearance!