Iron Maiden

10 Medieval Torture Devices

Warning: This episode on instruments designed solely to produce extreme human suffering during the Middle Ages in Europe is very graphic in nature. Seriously, if you're squeamish, maybe pass on this one.

The Forgetfulness of the Long-distance Runner

There's this aspect of running that is probably the most challenging obstacle to just going forever. Beyond the burn in the legs and the chest, or the weakness that develops in the knees or the sting of sweat in your eyes, or the chafing, it's the drudgery that is the force that most opposes the forward momentum of the runner. We use our legs to get to where we're going, sure, but the concept of running in the modern developed world takes advantage of an ability the necessity of which has been driven nearly to extinction by technology like bikes and cars and has been kept alive by muggers on bikes and people who chase you in those cars.