The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Super interesting articles about God deceiving humans, how little we understand food and lots more neat stuff.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Some top notch articles on weird stuff like KFC becoming the traditional Christmas meal in Japan.

Is brain size related to intelligence?

The idea that the larger the brain, the higher the intelligence is an old one, but it's pretty much utterly false. Modern investigation into how the brain works suggests there's a lot more to take into account when comparing brain biology to intellect.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Oh boy! Josh and Chuck have another list of the best articles they read this week, just for you and your spongy brain.

Stuff You Should Know's Guide to Proper Adulthood: Why You Should Learn Another Language

In this, our last installment of the Guide to Proper Adulthood, we argue in favor of expanding intelligence through multilingualism.

Somewhere in the New Mexico desert, possibly on the Laguna Indian Reservation outside of Albuquerque, there is a radio transmitter that occasionally sends a mysterious burst of transmissions. These transmissions, called the Yosemite Sam transmission for reasons that will soon become clear, don't make sense to the degree that they make one think they must make sense in some way that's not immediately apparent.

Study Pretty Much Irrefutably Shows Cats are Dumber than Dogs(!)

Having long suspected it, I was heartened to hear that cats are less intelligent than dogs are. Yes. Ahhh. Bask in it. Far less, actually, at least in relation to the correlation between brain size and sociability. This small brain size is, it appears, why cats are aloof, say researchers at Oxford University's Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, a group who are not known to be slouches when it comes to compiling reliable and solid data that dog people can reasonably gloat over.