Podcast Goodness: Earthquakes and Hypermiling

Greetings, earthlings. Dr. Clark and I hope that everyone has had a great week so far and that our American brothers and sisters are looking forward to a great holiday weekend. As for the rest of the world -- enjoy working tomorrow, suckers!

The EPA tests vehicles for maximum fuel efficiency, but those impressive estimates don't always pan out in real life. Hypermiling is one sure-fire way to improve your fuel efficiency. Find out how it works in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

My hat is off and held humbly in my hands for the subculture of drivers who hypermile. I am something of what you might call an aggressive driver. The fast lane is meant as a pipeline for cars to shoot down at 90 mph past slower drivers who apparently have less to do or fish a lot. Those who don't observe fast lane rules get a good shot of me in their rear-view mirror, vomiting profanity, my front fender mere inches from their rear bumpers. This kind of driving calls for a lot of accelerating and decelerating, so I consume gas like I used to mash troves of Slim Jims I'd find hidden behind the good silver into my piehole back when I was a fat kid. Hypermilers are pretty much the exact opposite of me.