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Obama to America: You're Kind of Dumb, You Know That?

It struck me as weird that Barack Obama allowed a news cycle or five to go by without making a move after a report that the U.S. is poised to lose the war in Afghanistan, Soviet attrition-style if we don't flood the place with troops. Later I heard it reported that not all of the Joint Chiefs are on board with the idea that more troops will win the war, or that more troops won't result in much higher casualty rates for Americans.

Hello, everyone. Not a ton of time this week for the weather (it's nice) so let's get right to it, shall we? Tuesday's show was about the various myths and truths of the various health care bills that have been written as of now. We covered things like the "death panel" and discussed the expense of the bills and where that money is going to come from. Molly was her usual stellar self, and we all concluded this basically -- who knows how this whole thing is going to shake out in the end? These bills may change quite a bit, we just can't tell.

Hello there, friends. How are things in your neck of the world? Things are drying out here in Atlanta. Thanks to those who wrote in with concern - we're all safe and sound, thanks. This week on the Tuesday edition of the SYSK podcast program we covered part two of our health care reform suite with Molly Edmonds of "Stuff Mom Never Told You." We broke down the various bills floating around Washington and tried to do our best to explain what they all mean.

In this special episode of Stuff You Should know, the second in a four-part series, Josh and Chuck -- and a special guest -- discuss President Obama's proposed health care plan in detail.

Health Care Reform Seems to be Missing the Point of Prevention

SYSK just received an e-mail from a listener named Joe who makes an excellent point about health care reform. At the crux of the health care reform debate is the incredible sum of money the United States spends on health care each year, about $2.4 trillion last year, which ate up 1/6 of our entire gross domestic product. This is, for lack of a better word, a substantial amount. Joe points out that the best way to curb health care spending is to curtail our use of it. Why don't we lower health care costs by leading healthier lives? Greater health leads to less use for health care, and by the constraints of supply and demand, the cost of health care should decline.

YOU LIE: Congressman Gets Medieval on President Obama

Boy oh boy, things have gotten pretty ugly in Washington. As most of you have probably heard, many of you live as it happened, a Republican House member last night shouted "YOU LIE" at President Obama during his speech on health care reform.