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The Future of Renewable Energy, Featuring Bill Gates

Renewable energy could be the key to ensuring the future prosperity and health of Planet Earth and humankind. In this very special episode, we sit down and discuss the possibilities with Bill Gates.

Yes, yes. Water desalination is nothing new; GE's had viable systems to remove minerals and salts from brackish water since the 1950s. The tech is still an emerging one, though, since it's mostly been Africa that's needed it and the West has yet to figure out how to make any substantial amount of money off the continent.

Our Dutch friends were onto something, not just with those wooden shoes (which, any serious clogger can tell you are the best), but with the whole windmill thing. Rather than milling grain, though, forward thinkers took the concept of using a rotating turbine to create electricity.

Q: What's better than leaving an abandoned, heavily polluted former industrial site to rot and contaminate the surrounding environment? A: Not doing that. As humanity has bred like rabbits, coupled with staggering advances in extending life spans, we've started to really build up our population and since we're somewhat large animals, we require lots of space.