Chuck's 100 Favorite Movies of All Time: 20-1

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There's a lot of universe out there and a lot of room for different types of life.

A Gallery of Extremely Hip Anthropomorphized Animals

In our travels through the Internet we stumbled across a new gallery from artist Kim Nguyen of animals imagined as hip, worldly and possibly tied to the underworld. Check out Kim's site for bios and backgrounds on them.

Chuck's 100 Favorite Movies of All Time: 40-21

Chuck continues his top 100 countdown with numbers 40 - 21.

36 Pictures Tagged "Cool" That May or May Not Be, In Fact, Cool

We decided to do some digital anthropology field work and see what people think is cool. A Google search yielded these gems. In typical SYSK fashion, we leave it to you to decide what's cool for yourself.

10 Pictures of Things Perched Precariously Atop Other Things

If Earth weren't subject to gravity, these images would hold little meaning. But it is, so look out!

Chuck's 100 Favorite Movies of All Time: 60-41

We continue on with our cinematic journey as Chuck counts down numbers 41-60 on his Top 100 Favorite Movies. Things are getting serious, folks.

A Gallery of Victorian Bereavement Photography

The Victorians were not unfamiliar with death and encountered it face to face.

12 Pictures of Star Wars Characters Doing Non-Star Wars Things

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Chuck's 100 Favorite Movies of All Time: 80-61

The list of Chuck's Favorite 100 Movies continues this week with entries 80 through 61. Join us each Tuesday as we count down another twenty until we reach number one. Enjoy!