Is there treasure on Oak Island?

Off Nova Scotia, the tiny spit of land called Oak Island has been host to waves of treasure hunters for more than 200 years. Some of them lost their lives in the search for a treasure reputedly buried in a deep pit. But is anything really there?

Hello there, folks. Chuck Bryant here reporting from HQ in Atlanta, Georgia. I know I promised to not mention the weather until something changed and low and behold, that's happened. It's actually cooled down ever so slightly here over the past day or so. We're talking manageable heat though, it's not exactly fall sweeping through. But I'll take it. This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program, Dr. Clark and myself talked about a couple of things -- one that many people are well acquainted with and one that's a little more, shall we say, mysterious.

There are lots of conspiracy theories about Freemasons, but how much do you really know about this secretive order? In this episode, Josh and Chuck take a comprehensive look at the origins, history, practices, beliefs and famous figures of Freemasonry.