face transplant

We did a podcast some time ago about face transplants. Medical science is pretty remarkable these days and I think the episode really highlighted some of the breakthroughs in facial reconstruction, or in this case, full transplant. At the time, there had only been one such operation performed - for a French woman who lost her face due to a very unfortunate incident with her dog. It was pretty disturbing to say the least and we heard from a lot of you who had a hard time getting through the episode.

Before we get going on "Podcast Goodness" today, let me be the first to announce an exciting new SYSK opportunity. Dr. Clark and I will be going live with a weekly webcast every Wednesday. We'll do two shows each week, one at 10 a.m. (est) and then in all likelihood, a much better 4 p.m. (est) show for our West coast friends. It's not just gonnabe a video version of our podcast either, we have big plans to introduce some brand new segments - including some interviews, a news segment and a live listener questions that we'll run through this blog. We'll be using ustream.com as our host and it all kicks of next Wednesday, April 29th. We'll post more details next week and we'd love it if you guys could tune in and support us!

Believe it or not, scientists and doctors have discovered a way to transplant part -- or all -- of a face from one person to another. Tune in to this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com to learn more about the astonishing practice of face transplants.