What was the Philadelphia Experiment?

The Philadelphia Experiment is a bad movie from the 1980s, and also the conspiracy theory that refuses to die, despite virtually zero evidence of its occurrence. Learn all about this strange non-event in today's show.

Author's note: In my opinion, there are a number of ways something can be funny. There's traditional funny (e.g., "What's the deal with airplane food?"). There's absurd funny (e.g. using coconuts to simulate the sound of a horse for a knight who doesn't have one). And then there's the HolycowIcan'tbelieveyoudidthat funny. The kind of funny that surrounds a situation that's so abominable and horrible that somehow humor emerges from it like teeth and fingernails in a teratoma. I leave it to you, dear reader, to determine if anything in this week's list has any humor to it. I hope, in turn, you'll forgive me if I see it pretty clearly. Back in 1920, which constituted the early days of psychology (Freud had only stopped prescribing cocaine to his patients a couple decades earlier), a guy named John B. Watson wanted to prove that fear was a learned behavior.