Lakes are usually tranquil bodies of water, but in rare instances, they can be deadly. Tune in to this podcast from to hear Josh and Chuck discuss lakes that have exploded -- and the factors that create a killer lake. reports about the pre-dawn earthquake that struck central Italy this morning. The Interior Minister said that at least 92 people have been confirmed dead so far from the quake that registered a magnitude of 6.3. Tremors were felt in the capital city of Rome, about 60 miles from where it hit in L'Aquila. It only lasted about 30 seconds, but the 13th century buildings were no match for the scale of the earthquake. Italy has two geological faultlines that cross the country, making it one of the most earthquake-prone regions in Europe. What's surprising is this story from Reuters -- an Italian scientist claims to have predicted the earthquake several weeks ago and was reported to the authorities for spreading panic. Seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani drove around town in a van with loudspeakers broadcasting a warning of the impending quake.