The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Great articles on the Mothman, brand flops, online sleuthing, CIA anthropology and more stuff.

How Grimm's Fairy Tales Work

Unless you were raised alone in a basement (in which case you may be the subject of one), you probably grew up on fairy tales. That's appropriate because they may be humanity's greatest psychic projection screen.

The Dark Origins of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are for kids right? Well not at first they weren't. They were dark tales of murder, rape, incest, cannibalism and mayhem geared toward adults. What changed? Chuck and Josh will drop that knowledge and more in today's episode.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Articles on the depressiveness of Disney, history of Jell-O salads, true crime and more.

Why Babies and Other Things Are Cute, Explained

Ever wonder why you find some things cute? Here we explain it.

Why was Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier?

If there is an American legend who is both real-life and larger-than-life it is Davy Crockett. While he may not have ""kilt him a b'ar"" when he was three, he definitely did personify both the best and the worst of American individualism during the age of Manifest Destiny. Learn all about the man behind the coonskin cap in this episode.

Over the last little while I've picked up on some interesting information that, on their own, aren't really enough for a post each. Put together, though: look out! 1) Most of the wildlife photography I've ever seen was probably faked. Disney was long ago exposed for staging the lemmings running off the cliff scene in the nature film White Wilderness, which forged the lasting idea that lemmings are suicidal. As I learned recently, that tradition continues in the form of game farms. Most of these farms were initially established as wildlife preserves in states like Montana. After awhile, wildlife photographers started turning up looking for perfect shots of what had become tame animals -- shots they could never get in the woods.