Maggots: Good For Healing Wounds, Turns Out

Cultures around the world over the years have been inspired by, then repulsed, then inspired by maggots' ability to heal persistent wounds. We are in an inspired-by phase right now.

How Junk Food Works

Junk food is literally that, empty calories of energy that provide little nutritional value and usually are stored as fat. Yet junk food is irresistible and for good reason - companies spend tens of millions engineering it to be that way.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Each week, Josh and Chuck read tons of great articles, some of them really good. Here are the best of the bunch for your enjoyment.

Nutritionist Loses Weight Eating Junk Food; Of Course Media Call It the Twinkie Diet

If you've noticed our beloved founder has undertaken the Dukan diet, meaning, of course, if you've visited the blogs at HowStuffWorks for even the briefest of moments at any point over the last several months, you no doubt know of his tremendous success. If not, here's the master post. Get crackin'. Those who've joined the Dukan bandwagon and are seeing results from those attack phases of eating merely water, bran and lean proteins but really, really crave a Little Debbie: Prepare to abandon ship.