Is it better to save money or pay off debt?

Here's an age-old, modern, first-world dilemma: Is it better to to pay down debt or to save it instead?

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

On any given week, Josh and Chuck read a lot of interesting articles. Read this post with links to the best articles they've read this week.

An Overview of the Current Debt Crisis, Chewed Up and Regurgitated Just for You

What, exactly, just happened? Just how close did we come to the brink of financial disaster with the haggling over the debt ceiling? What would that disaster look like? And what was the big stinking problem with the negotiations; in other words, what took so long? A lot better journalists than me have dedicated some very good ink to these questions concerning the raising of the federal debt limit.

In theory, credit default swaps are simply insurance against failed investments. In reality, these swaps can quickly get complicated. Tune in to this podcast from to hear Josh and Chuck demystify credit default swaps.