credit default swaps

This week on Stuff You Should Know, Josh and I both taught you folks and learned a thing or two ourselves. I didn't know much about either one of these two topics before our research and one of them continued to stymie me until we recorded the show. We had a little fun with Tuesday's show on High Fructose Corn Syrup by "acting" for a change. We mimicked the awful and popular HFCS TV commercial and I think we can all agree that there won't be any Oscar awards coming our way anytime soon. The takeaway for this show was that HFCS isn't the worst thing on Earth, but Americans are consuming far too much of it because it's snuck into more products than you can shake a stick at. We got some KILLER listener mail about this episode, so listen up for it soon.

In theory, credit default swaps are simply insurance against failed investments. In reality, these swaps can quickly get complicated. Tune in to this podcast from to hear Josh and Chuck demystify credit default swaps.