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How Ebola Works

A disease that was discovered and contained to Central Africa in the 1970s has revived and spread in 2014. Now there is an Ebola outbreak that has moved across borders and science still has no cure for it.

How Morgellons Disease Works

There is a condition that can cause people to feel bugs crawling beneath their skin so acutely that they will use tweezers to pluck them from their eyeballs. It's a terrible disorder made worse by medicine's insistence it is all in sufferers' heads.

I'd say the thing I liked best about the Wall Street Journal article this post is based on is that it satisfactorily explained why people were keeping the scabs at all. The Journal article concerns the recent arrival of CDC officials at the Virginia Historical Society's exhibit "Bizarre Bits," and the removal of an item on display, a smallpox scab that was discovered in the Society's archives pinned to a letter sent from a man to his father in 1876.