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Real nice articles on secret passages, archeological surprises, and suicides attributed to the wind.

Our cats episode - right here, right meow

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States, despite the fact that we've only been keeping them indoors for 50-60 years. Learn about more cat facts in today's episode.

A two-faced cat was born in Oregon. Pretty neat.

Study Pretty Much Irrefutably Shows Cats are Dumber than Dogs(!)

Having long suspected it, I was heartened to hear that cats are less intelligent than dogs are. Yes. Ahhh. Bask in it. Far less, actually, at least in relation to the correlation between brain size and sociability. This small brain size is, it appears, why cats are aloof, say researchers at Oxford University's Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, a group who are not known to be slouches when it comes to compiling reliable and solid data that dog people can reasonably gloat over.

Thanks to newslite for this article about cats and how smart they may or may not be. They tested kittehs by placing a fishy treat on one end of a string to see if they would realize that pulling the string closer to them meant it was treat-time. They passed! Then the researchers placed a second, unfishy string in beside the first one and found that the cats were just flat out confused. They did previous tests on dogs and they worked it out no problem. I think this clearly shows that cats are the stupidest stupid heads that ever walked the earth. OK - so now for my real opinion on the matter. Why are researchers at Canterbury Christ Church University messing around with this kind of "study?"

Permanent Kittens Flat-Out Refuse to Grow

Just when you think you've seen it all comes a story from the "Felines: Out Of Love" society -- a cat-loving genetic research group based out of The University of Wisconsin at Sheboygan. The scientists there have designed what they're calling the "Permanent Kitten." Yes, this is exactly what you think it is -- felines that remain in a permanent state of arrested "kittenness."

One-third of US cat owners are allergic to cats, resigning themselves to years of suffering and expense on their pet's behalf . Could hypoallergenic cats be the solution these allergic pet-lovers need? Tune in and learn more in this HowStuffWorks podcast.