How Motion Sickness Works

Motion sickness is the worst and hits about 25 to 40 percent of humans when they ride in cars, boats, or simply watch the wrong 3-D movie. Join us as we break down the science behind this nausea-inducing affliction.

How Crumple Zones Work

If you've ever been in a bad accident in a newer car, you probably have crumple zones to thank for your life. Much more interesting than you think, these zones are designed to break apart and absorb impact, so you don't have to.

How Hot Wheels Work

If you're an American who had a childhood, you probably have some nostalgia for Hot Wheels. Get your engines revved for this trip down memory lane as we discuss these fun and iconic toys.

Stuff You Should Know's Guide to Proper Adulthood: How to Change the Oil in Your Car

Stuff You Should Know has an ongoing series with Motherboard on being a proper adult. Here we discuss knowing how to change your car's oil.

How Police Chases Work

Entire TV shows are dedicated to them and Americans love to watch a live one, but police chases aren't as routine as they seem. While police assert chases are important tools, critics say cops engage in chases too often and too easily.

Podcast Goodness: Nothing But Cars and The Ig Nobels

Hellooooo, friends! How is everyone out there in the real world? Josh and I have been under our desks sucking our thumbs like a pair of pale golems, because our brains have melted into mush from researching health care reform for some future podcasts (stay tuned). Having said that, I'm going to try and stumble through this podcast roundup.