Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan: American Hero

Carl Sagan was the world's first mainstream media super scientist, capapble of breaking down complex ideas for the common folk. But what made him tick? Billions and billions of great ideas.

Physicist Postulates Dimensions Added as Universe Expands

I remember many years ago in the mid-90s -- during the zenith of paranoia in the alien abduction phenomenon -- the whole affair being offhandedly dismissed by Car Sagan, I believe it was. Sagan (I think) mentioned that every description of aliens who were visiting Earth and carting off country folk for probing and the like all shared a suspicious similarity to humans. Despite the differences -- like communicating telepathically -- the alien abductors bore a real resemblance to people in that they had a roundish head atop a neck, a face that featured a mouth and eyes, used, ostensibly, to engage in sensing the world. They walked on two legs and were capable of and driven by malicious intent or callous indifference to the suffering of their captives. They were pretty much a rough sketch of how humanity saw itself.