How Hoarding Works

You may be familiar with compulsive hoarding from TV, but something that’s often missing from those shows and the news is the deep and overwhelming shame that this disorder creates in its victims who are neurologically incapable of parting with their stuff.

How Panic Attacks Work

Almost three percent of Americans suffer from a debilitating disorder that causes them to suffer intense fear seemingly without reason and science hasn't yet figured out what causes it. Join Josh and Chuck as they get to the bottom of panic attacks.

The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Each week Josh and Chuck read a ton of stuff. Here is the best of the bunch for your enjoyment.

Great Scott! Science Uncovers Link between Depression and People who Fear Fear

I hadn't heard of this before: anxiety sensitivity. I also can't think of too many worse conditions that don't involve substantial wounds. Anxiety sensitivity is a clinical condition where an individual suffers anxiety about anxiety. More succinctly, it's the fear of fear. Well you've pretty much lost at the start, haven't you?