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The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Every week Josh and Chuck read tons of articles and some of them are pretty great. Here are the best of the bunch.

How Pet Psychics Work

In the early 21st century a trend of people who claim to be able to telepathically and clairvoyantly communicate with animals has grown. Today, the concept of visiting a pet psychic to find a lost pet, find out why a pet is behaving badly or even to learn if a pet is ready to be put to sleep is becoming more commonplace, but is there any basis to pet psychics' abilities? Join Josh and Chuck as they investigate the pet psychic phenomenon.

A recent story in the Metro UK about a Polish goose named Buttons who has become a caretaker to a blind dog named Baks reminded me of all of those other similar stories of animals adopting other animals. Buttons has decided that Baks will live, live!, and leads Baks around their shared yard, either by using her long neck to guide the dog or by honking in the direction Baks should walk.