Who Gets to Name Continents?

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, right? Maybe not. And who named Australia? Find out the unusually uncertain origins of the continents and other interesting stuff in this episode.

The Lowdown on Anonymous

Anonymous is an amorphous group of hacktivists with no single leader or power structure. Some call them heroes, others call them criminals. Can they be both?

Why was Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier?

If there is an American legend who is both real-life and larger-than-life it is Davy Crockett. While he may not have ""kilt him a b'ar"" when he was three, he definitely did personify both the best and the worst of American individualism during the age of Manifest Destiny. Learn all about the man behind the coonskin cap in this episode.

Japan Pays Homage to America's Cities, Guts with Line of Burgers

It seems like all of the best food is found abroad. It is true, we have fried pickles, Fool's Gold sandwiches, Buffalo wings, 1/2-lb. Cheesy Potato Burritos, corned beef hash, doughnuts. So, well, we do have pretty good food here in the States, I guess. But I've found that overseas, they often take our good ideas and make them into something like holy food. In Switzerland, for instance, they make this dish called metzger rosti, which consists of a fried egg atop a slab of fried Spam, over bed of fried hash browns and covered with an amazing onion sauce. Good God, I want some right now. Despite their fair-to-say obsession with maintaining a healthy weight, I've found the Japanese are among the best at besting nations of origin with their own food.

It's the Science, Dummy: Why Americans Hate the Metric System

We Americans are known for our strong sense of national pride toward our insane stubbornness to adopt the metric system. We haven't always been so intractable toward what has become the international standard for measuring distance, mass, temperature and other things we need to describe to one another from time to time. We came very close to officially adopting the metric system, just after France did in 1800.